By Carol Beggy & Mark Shanahan
Globe Staff

Nine months after Brad Delp's death, wrangling over the Boston singer's estate continues. Delp's fiancee, Pamela Sullivan, is still living in the house the couple shared, but it's unclear for how much longer. We're told Sullivan would like to stay, but she's so far been unable to reach an agreement with Patricia Komor, Delp's long-ago girlfriend who got the house in Atkinson, N.H., when the singer died. Neither side is talking, but word is Komor, who's married and living in Colorado, is planning to sell the house when the real-estate market improves. Until then, Sullivan could continue as a tenant, paying rent to Komor. Delp was 55 when he committed suicide last March by carbon monoxide poisoning. To the surprise of almost everyone, the "More Than a Feeling" singer left the house in New Hampshire and all of its contents to Komor even though he'd proposed to Sullivan last Christmas. Delp and Komor were together for six years after his separation from his wife Micki in '91. The Boston frontman also helped put Komor through law school, a fact that hasn't been forgotten by Delp's two grown children, Jennifer and Michael, who, we're told, may ask Komor to repay the loan if she insists on giving Sullivan the boot.