By Don Thrasher
Dayton Daily News

Few rock debuts have the cultural impact of Boston's self-titled release, which was an undeniable smash upon its release in 1976. Six albums and 40 years later, the rockers remain a major concert draw. Boston's performance at Rose Music Center in Huber Heights on Wednesday, May 25, is sold out.

It was a month before the summer tour began when the band's founder and leader, Tom Scholz, answered a few questions.

Q: What keeps you working and touring with Boston?

A: "It's hard to imagine 40 years later but there are so many people that really want to come and see the show. Boston fans are the best. They're out there to have a good time and they have a good time. There's a huge age range and you can tell they really appreciate the work we put into these shows."

Q: What does it take to launch a Boston tour?

A: "I wish it was just learning my parts and practicing guitar and keyboards but I get very little time for that. I'm working on a really exciting new lighting effect. My garage is now a workshop and I'm building something that will be a surprise. I'm working on arrangements for several songs we're adding to the set list and writing some segueways. I'm trying to finish up a new echo pedal. I have a really long list so we're scurrying around, doing a million different things, trying to get ready."

Q: Why are you so involved in every step?

A: "That's how it has to happen if it's going to be Boston. I've gotten used to it over the last 40 years but I enjoy all of the theatrical effects and visual things. When anybody asks me what I do, I always tell them I'm an engineer because I really am an engineer first. It's a challenge sometimes but it's been a lot of fun."

Q: What are you looking forward to most about this tour?

A: "I love playing with this group of people and I really enjoy the crew. Most of them have been with us for many, many years over many, many tours. Honestly, the rehearsals and soundchecks are as much fun are as much fun as playing on stage. Playing with Boston is very challenging and it's a chance to put all of those talents to their very best use. We do our best to make it look really easy but it's really hard. Playing with this group is like being on an elite team that's doing really well."