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Monday, December 18, 2000

(Thanks Becky!)

From Our Mr. Delp: "Well, we played a private party this evening (Friday) and my voice finally gave out, due to this cold/flu thing. Not as bad as the House of Blues Christmas gig, but bad just the same. I could tell it was only going to get worse so Muzz cancelled us for Point Breeze tomorrow. My apologies to one and all."

Album Update
Wednesday, November 29, 2000

Straight from the Boston.org office:
During recording, the band has continued to write songs, and 2 of these are so promising that Tom has decided to record them for possible inclusion on the new album. As a result, the album will not be released this year, but will likely be out in time for a summer 2001 "25th Anniversary" tour. Updates will follow, when we know for sure... and thanks again for your patience!

Happy Birthday Barry
Tuesday, November 28, 2000

November 29th celebrates the birthday of former Boston guitarist Barry Goudreau. Let's hope Barry has a great birthday!

Happy Birthday Doug
Wednesday, November 22, 2000

November 23rd marks the birthday of former Boston drummer Doug Huffman. Party on Doug!

Happy Birthday Gary
Monday, November 20, 2000

November 21st marks the birthday of Boston guitarist Gary Pihl. Have a safe and very happy birthday Gary!

Boston Album Update
Saturday, November 18, 2000

(Thanks To Pattie Murphy for this!)

Boston Herald article Saturday November 18,2000

More Than A Session: Boston's in Studio
The new independent label Artemis Records added Bay State Supergroup Boston to it roster of acts last March, and a label spokesperson reports the band is currently in the studio and expected to have a new album out by summer or fall. The group still includes two original members, founder/guitarist Tom Scholz and vocalist Brad Delp.

Looks like the album is still a long time away

Sib Hashian's Site
Tuesday, November 14, 2000

Sib's site just opened. It's at http://sibhashian.com/

Check it out!

WZLX CD Order Info
Friday, November 10, 2000

For anyone interested in ordering the WZLX: From The Vaults CD, you can order it at

Fran Cosmo Weds
Tuesday, November 07, 2000

(Thanks to Becky for this!)

Well, I just learned that on November 3rd, Fran Cosmo got married. Congrats to Fran and his new wife, and may they have many happy years together!

WZLX CD Released
Tuesday, November 07, 2000

(Thanks to Becky for this one too!)

WZLX's live music CD compilation WZLX: From the Vaults is available in New England music stores TODAY! The disc is composed of ten rare, unreleased live performances from your favorite classic rock artists. Proceeds benefit the Walden Woods Project and Franciscan Children's Hospital.

WZLX CD Update
Thursday, October 19, 2000

(thanks to Troy of the Boston.org office for the info)

A recent fax from WZLX sent to the Boston Office: "Our street date is November 7th, but we will begin playing a promotional copy on the air by October 17th." Other featured artists are Tom Petty, Allman Brothers, Don Henley, Aerosmith, Steve Miller, Jimmy Buffett, and Peter Frampton. All tracks are "live" and span the last 10 years (1991-2000).

Brad Delp and Beloved Few
Tuesday, October 10, 2000

The Beloved Few, along with BeatleJuice (the Beatles tribute band Brad's with) were at The Palace Theater in Manchester NH on October 7th. Brad joined the Beloved Few to sing the classic Boston song, Hitch A Ride. You can hear the audio sample by going to The Beloved Few Site.

WZLX: From The Vaults: Update
Monday, October 09, 2000

There's a page about the live track on the WZLX website. It's at

WZLX: From The Vaults: Update
Monday, September 18, 2000

For those who are wondering just when the release from WZLX (in Boston) titled From The Vaults will be coming out, the tentative release date is Tuesday, October 17/00.

If you're wondering what this has to do with Boston, there will be a live track on the CD (Livin' For You).

Proceeds from this album will help support Franciscan Children's Hospital in Boston and The Walden Woods Project; both very worthy causes.

Boston on VH-1
Thursday, September 14, 2000

(Thanks to Linda Eckert of VH-1 for giving me heads up on this!)

Look for Boston on VH-1. Beginning November 13th, VH-1 will countdown the "100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock" as chosen by a panel of music journalists, critics and musicians. The show will air for an hour each night for 5 consecutive nights. Check local listings for more details.

Rockline Interview
Tuesday, September 12, 2000

If you missed the original Rockline broadcast last year (like I did), there's no need to fret; the Rockline program that featured Boston in January '99 will be repeated on September 13 (Wednesday) at 11:30pm EDT.

You can get more info and station listings at

This was where Tom first introduced the new songs Someone and Turn It Off.

Smokin' Tribute CD
Monday, September 11, 2000

For those of you interested in tribute bands, here's one for you. There is a Boston tribute band called Smokin', and they are releasing a tribute CD on Tuesday, September 12/00. What's interesting about them is that they play these songs in Bluegrass (YEE-HAW!!!). In fact, the title of the release is "A Bluegrass Tribute To Boston". The track listing is as follows:

1. More Than A Feeling
2. Peace Of Mind
3. Foreplay / Longtime
4. Smokin'
5. Don't Look Back
6. Hitch A Ride
7. We're Ready
8. Higher Power
9. Amanda
10. Let Me Take You Home Tonight
11. Rock N' Roll Band
12. A Man I'll Never Be

You can get the CD through CD NOW or Amazon.com.

Happy Birthday Fran
Sunday, September 03, 2000

Wednesday, September 3rd marks Fran Cosmo's birthday. Let's hope it's a great one!

Album Update
Friday, September 01, 2000

(Thanks to Bob Shields for this tidbit!)

I just got a message from a Boston fan who talked to Brad Delp after a Beatlejuice show. Bob asked Brad about the album, and while Brad didn't have any news about the release date, he did say that Tom had rewritten a song Brad recorded 6 months ago and Brad had to redo the vocals.

Just thought I'd pass that on!

Album Update
Monday, July 17, 2000

(Thanks to Bob Martyn for the info!)

During this year's annual Bostock (an annual fan gathering), Tom phoned them up and during the conversation, he mentioned the album was almost complete (he has just 1 or 2 more songs to do, plus the final mastering). He's really hoping the album will be complete by the end of summer (so he can take a vacation in the fall). If I hear anything else, you'll be the first to know!

(Addendum: Added July 19/00)
This also raises the question of "Who's the new bass player?" (since David Sikes is out of the band). It is not known for certain, but sources say that, according to Brad Delp (vocalist), that the new bass player might be Antonio Cosmo; Fran Cosmo's son (Fran is also a vocalist in the group). In case you don't know, Antonio worked with Fran on the new song "Turn It Off" (which was featured on Rockline in 1999). When I know more about this, you can rest assured that you'll know right away, RIGHT HERE!

Album Release this Summer?
Saturday, July 15, 2000

According to one source, their local radio station jock announced that the new album is due out in late August or early September. I've also heard that Brad is letting his hair grow out, so that may be a positive sign of the release coming soon. YAHOO!!!

Greatest Hits Reaches Platinum
Friday, June 02, 2000

I just found out that on May 15, 2000, Boston's "Greatest Hits" release reached platinum status. That makes all 5 albums now that have reached that status.

Happy Birthday
Thursday, June 01, 2000

June 1 marks the 1st anniversary of the official launch of "Third Stage: A New World"! I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who have visited this site over the past year, rapidly making it one of the most popular Boston sites on the web! I truly appreciate the support for this site. Remember, it's people like YOU that keep this site running (I don't run this site just for myself!).

It's Only Rock & Roll
Wednesday, May 31, 2000

"There is a PARTY Monday, May 22, to celebrate the release of VH1's new movie, "It's Only Rock & Roll". It is being held at Mount Blue restaurant in Norwood, MA, and OUR guys have been invited to attend. Since it was fairly last-minute, it looks like Tom Scholz will be attending, but Brad & the others won't be able to make it.

It's expected that Tom will also be signing a guitar to be auctioned to support music education in public schools, as part of VH1's ongoing commitment to the Save The Music Foundation." The first official screening will be tomorrow (Tuesday) at the new Showcase Cinemas in Revere, MA. The film features rock's most memorable moments in the movies -- more info available at VH1.com."

Live Boston on the Way
Monday, May 15, 2000

A live track from BOSTON will be included on an upcoming charity album to be released by classic rock station WZLX in Boston. The BOSTON track is "Livin' For You," recorded June 2, 1995 at Kingswood Music Theatre in Toronto.

The album, titled "WZLX: From The Vaults," will benefit Franciscan Children's Hospital in Boston and The Walden Woods Project. The album will feature live tracks from a number of major artists, including Don Henley, Steve Miller, Aerosmith, The Allman Brothers, and others. Release is planned for September, and distribution will be limited.

Further information will be available at www.WZLX.com later this summer.

Happy Birthday David
Tuesday, April 25, 2000

April 25th marks the birthday of the former bass player David Sikes.  Happy birthday David!

Happy Birthday Fran
Sunday, March 26, 2000

March 26th marks the birthday of the original bass player for Boston; Fran Sheehan.  Happy birthday Fran (and many more)!

Huge Album Update
Saturday, March 25, 2000

This just in from the L.A. Times...Tom has just signed a deal with former Mercury Records Chairman Danny Goldberg's Artemis Records. The L.A. Times has also indicated that the album is two thirds done and hoping for a summer release, COOL!!!

Happy Birthday Tom
Friday, March 10, 2000

March 10th marks the birthday of the one and only Tom Scholz.  Let's hope it's a great one!

Happy Birthday Curly
Monday, January 31, 2000

January 31 marks the birthday of Curly Smith (Boston's current drummer).  Have a great birthday Curly!


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