Greatest Hits (Remaster)
Released: 2009 (Originally Released 1997)

Track Listing:
01. I Had a Good Time
02. Higher Power
03. More Than a Feeling
04. Peace of Mind
05. Don't Look Back
06. I Need Your Love
07. Cool the Engines
08. Party
09. Feelin' Satisfied
10. Foreplay/Long Time
11. Amanda
12. Rock and Roll Band
13. Smokin'
14. A Man I'll Never Be
15. Star Spangled Banner

Born in a Basement...

After years of banging my head playing in unsuccessful bands around Boston, and attempting to record demos in local studios with other musicians, I finally realized this was a dead end. So in 1974 I gave up the glamorous life of U-Haul trucks, schlepping equipment and playing music that no one listened to, and went to work writing and recording alone in my basement. I had never quite gotten what I was looking for by showing bands how to play songs in "real" studios anyway, and the clock annoyingly kept ticking off how many hundreds of dollars I would owe each time I tried.

My new plan was radical: use all my savings to build a basement studio instead of buying a house, and play all the instruments myself to get exactly the sound I was seeking. Well, almost ... my drumming was terrible to nonexistent back then, so my friend Jim Masdea, helped out with drum arrangements. Then using the same overdubbing technique, Brad would sing not just the lead vocal, but all the harmonies and backing vocals as well.

In total, we completed six demo songs this way. After years of being utterly ignored I suddenly began receiving inquiries about this unique "band," including a phone call from a VP at Columbia Records to my cubicle at Polaroid, followed immediately by my jumping up and down on my desk, attracting significant attention from the department manager.

Eventually in 1976, Brad and I were signed to Epic Records and with help from many people our first album was released under the name BOSTON, featuring five of those songs from the demos, including of course, More Than a Feeling.

While we had contributions from many talented individuals along the way, most of BOSTON'S songs were recorded in my basement with the same approach used for the original demos. A drum track was played to tape by Sib or one of our drummers (we've had eight, including me!) and then I'd experiment with each instrument one track at a time, listening to the music come to life as each successive part was added. Finally Brad would do the same thing with the vocals, while I pushed the buttons.

Remastering these songs for the "Greatest Hits" was a labor of love with exhausting attention to detail. The collection now includes BOSTON recordings from all five studio albums spanning nearly 30 years.

Here are a few inside tidbits about these recordings...

I Had a Good Time from "Corporate America" was one of the last songs recorded by the two original members of BOSTON signed by Epic Records in 1976, Brad and myself. This recording reminds me of the way we started, he and I experimenting with chords, melodies, and harmonies in my basement studio alone 'til all hours.

Higher Power is one of my personal favorites. Watching a close friend try to recover from addiction was a sobering experience. Statistically only a tiny percentage of addicts succeed... my advice: don't start
Check out that cool harp solo by Curly Smith. BTW, I could only sing those super low bass vocal parts early in the morning.

More Than a Feeling took nearly six years to write. For a long time the verse and the chorus licks both existed, but I had them in two different songs! Years later I realized they belonged together, and finished it.
Brad's incredible vocal performance, recorded before the days of pitch shifting gadgets, remains unmatched in rock music history; overnight he became the standard by which other male rock singers would be judged.

Peace of Mind was written after my first few years experience with the wonderful world of corporate ladder climbers.
That flatted first note of the harmony guitar lead in the middle of the song was discovered by accident; I liked the idea so much that I used it again in the melody chorus everyone knows: "It's more than a feelin'..."

Don't Look Back saved the day for BOSTON"S  second album. The other tracks had been completed but there was no lead-off single. This came to me at the last minute and was the last song I had time to record before album release; it became the title track.

I Need Your Love was the lead-off single from "Walk On" back in 1994. Gary Pihl, who played with Brad and me in BOSTON longer than any other musician, laid down that awesome lead guitar in the mid-song instrumental; Fran Cosmo sang the lead vocals with a little help from Canadian singer Michael Shotton.

Cool the Engines from "Third Stage" was actually a rough mix; none of the subsequent "final" mixes captured the original raw power. It was nearly lost years later when the tape became gummy and stuck itself to the tape deck heads. The tape had decomposed while waiting for the rest of "Third Stage" to be completed.

Party would have been nothing without Brad's inspired lyrics, and no one could have sung it better. Sib Hashian came up with the monster double kick drum fill at the end.

Feelin' Satisfied ... it's only rock and roll but I like it.

Foreplay/Long Time was an off the wall experiment that somehow ended up becoming a hit. Foreplay (1969) was the first piece of music I ever wrote; Jim Masdea and I made the initial recording of it in his basement.
Later I built the echo thingy that allowed me to make all those wild sounds with a Les Paul guitar. The device is so touchy and difficult to keep working that I have to tweak it before every show.
Long Time is one of the two songs on this album that feature Barry Goudreau's exceptional lead guitar work.

Amanda was the first song I wrote and recorded for "Third Stage;" it was so easy, everything just fell into place. Then I started on the next song... five years later I was still working.

Rock & Roll Band was one of the many arrangements that drummer Jim Masdea and I worked out in my apartment house basement which were eventually used on the first two BOSTON albums. The lyrics were inspired by the fairy tale success dreams of every rock 'n' roll musician I knew. The real story of years of work in a basement studio didn't seem nearly as appealing.

Smokin' was written back in the days when the local constabulary was busting college kids for the felony of lighting up a joint. I don't toke, or recommend it, but the harassment that resulted from this law was appalling and needed to be challenged. The concept for the song was mine, but Brad, also drug-free, wrote most of the lyrics.

A Man I'll Never Be taught me how fickle inspiration can be. The complete verses for the song came to me one night as I was getting into bed, but I had to wait another six years to find a chorus.

The Star Spangled Banner was entirely arranged, performed, and recorded in a single 24 hour period. That had never happened before, and will never happen again!

Walk On dudes, Tom Scholz

Songs, Writers, and Performers....

1. I HAD A GOOD TIME (Tom Scholz)
Brad Delp: vocals
Tom Scholz: vocals, all instruments

2. HIGHER POWER (Tom Scholz)
Brad Delp: vocals
Fran Cosmo: vocals
Tom Scholz: all guitars, keyboards, bass, drums, vocals
Curly Smith: harmonica
Serenity Prayer (Reinhold Niebuhr)
recited by: Kimberly Jorgensen

Brad Delp: vocals
Tom Scholz: all guitars, bass
Sib Hashian: drums

4. PEACE OF MIND (Tom Scholz)
Brad Delp: vocals
Tom Scholz: all guitars, bass
Sib Hashian: drums

5. DON'T LOOK BACK (Tom Scholz)
Brad Delp: vocals
Tom Scholz: bass, rhythm guitars, lead guitar (choruses, middle instrumental)
Fran Sheehan: bass (verse)
Barry Goudreau: lead guitar (intro, outro, slide fills)
Sib Hashian: drums

6. I NEED YOUR LOVE (Tom Scholz, Fred Sampson)
Fran Cosmo, David Sikes, Michael Shotton: vocals
Tom Scholz: rhythm guitar, lead guitar (intro, outro), keyboards, bass
Gary Pihl: rhythm guitar, lead guitar (middle instrumental)
Doug Huffman: drums

7. COOL THE ENGINES (Tom Scholz, Fran Sheehan)
Brad Delp: vocals
Tom Scholz: all guitars, bass
Sib Hashian: drums

8. PARTY (Tom Scholz, Brad Delp)
Brad Delp: vocals
Tom Scholz: all guitars, bass
Sib Hashian: drums

Brad Delp: vocals
Tom Scholz: all guitars, bass
Sib Hashian: drums

Brad Delp: vocals
Tom Scholz: organ, clavinet, bass (Long Time), acoustic guitar, lead guitar (Foreplay)
Fran Sheehan: bass (Foreplay)
Barry Goudreau: rhythm guitar (Foreplay), lead guitar (Long Time)
Sib Hashian: drums

11. AMANDA (Tom Scholz)
Brad Delp: vocals
Tom Scholz: all guitars, bass
Sib Hashian: drums

12. ROCK & ROLL BAND (Tom Scholz)
Brad Delp: vocals
Tom Scholz: all guitars, clavinet, bass
Jim Masdea: drums

13. SMOKIN' (Tom Scholz, Brad Delp)
Brad Delp: vocals
Tom Scholz: all guitars, organ, clavinet, bass
Sib Hashian: drums

14. A MAN I'LL NEVER BE (Tom Scholz)
Brad Delp: vocals
Tom Scholz: all guitars, organ, piano, bass
Sib Hashian: drums

Tom Scholz: all instruments

All songs arranged by Tom Scholz with a little help from his friends.

Technical credits.....

Tracks 3, 4, 10, 12, 13:
Produced by Tom Scholz and John Boylan
Engineered by: Tom Scholz and Warren Dewey
Recorded at: Tom Scholz' Foxglove Studios, Watertown, MA
Capital Studios, Hollywood, CA (vocals)
Mixed at: Westlake Audio, Los Angeles, CA
The Record Plant, Los Angeles, CA

Tracks 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 14:
Produced by: Tom Scholz
Engineered by: Tom Scholz
Recorded and Mixed at: Tom Scholz' Hideaway Studio, (piano track, A Man I'll Never Be, engineered by Dave Butler at Northern Studio, Maynard, MA)

Tracks 1, 2, 6, 15:
Produced by: Tom Scholz
Engineered by: Tom Scholz
Recorded and Mixed at: Tom Scholz' Hideaway Studio II

All tracks remastered in 2007 by Tom Scholz
Digital editing engineer: Bill Ryan at Hideaway Studio II
Mastering engineer: Toby Mountain at Northeast Digital Mastering

Photos: Ron Pownall
Art Director: Kim Scholz
Photo Editing and Layout: Gary Pihl
CD Cover Art: Peter Bollinger (front)
W. Sludmak (back)
Product Manager: John Jackson
Legacy A&R: Steve Berkowitz

Special Thanks to John Baruck at Azoff Management, and Kim Scholz for all their help.
Visit for BOSTON information.

Other Important Stuff... The song HIGHER POWER was inspired by the efforts of Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous, and is dedicated to those individuals who have the heart to recognize the destructiveness of their addiction, and the fortitude to fight such a powerful force. Less than 10% of all cocaine and heroin users are able to free themselves from addiction, even after prolonged treatment; so don't start!

BOSTON is drug-free and opposed to cruelty. Following in the footsteps of the late Brad Delp, Tom Scholz and Gary Pihl are both long time vegetarians. BOSTON supports a long list of organizations opposing animal cruelty and domestic violence. Other groups we support address hunger, homelessness, and vegetarian living. For a complete list of these organizations visit or, the website of the DTS Charitable Foundation founded by Tom Scholz and supported by BOSTON.
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