Corporate America

Artemis Records

Track Listing:
01. I Had a Good Time
02. Stare Out Your Window
03. Corporate America
04. With You
05. Someone
06. Turn it Off
07. Cryin'
08. Didn't Mean to Fall in Love
09. You Gave Up On Love
10. Livin' For You (Live)

Corporate America
Produced & Engineered by Tom Scholz, with the help from Fran & Anthony Cosmo, at their secret basement studios.

1. I Had a Good Time
Written by Tom Scholz

Brad Delp: vocals
Tom Scholz: vocals, guitar, bass drums
sexy girl's voice: Julia Van Daam
It's the journey, not the destination, so have a good time

2. Stare Out Your Window
Written by Anthony Cosmo

Fran Cosmo: vocals
Anthony Cosmo: vocals, guitars
Brad Delp: background vocals
Tom Scholz: bass, drums
also on keyboards: Dow Brain, Frank Talarico
No one likes to be on the outside looking in

3. Corporate America
Written by Tom Scholz

Fran Cosmo: vocals
Brad Delp: vocals
Kimberley Dahme: vocals
Tom Scholz: vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass, drums
radio broadcast voices: Bill Ryan
Toxic waste, global warming, ozone holes ..."You can take your bottom line and shove it"

4. With You
Written by Kimberley Dahme

Kimberley Dahme: vocals, acoustic guitar
Tom Scholz: electric guitar, bass
The way love should be. Kimberley sings it like an angel, and recorded the vocal and acoustic guitar live in one take

5. Someone
Written by Tom Scholz

Brad Delp: vocals
Tom Scholz: guitars, keyboards, bass, drums
nightstand clock added by Bill Ryan
...and everyone sooner or later

6. Turn it Off
Written by Anthony Cosmo

Fran Cosmo: lead vocals
Anthony Cosmo: harmony vocals, guitars
Kimberley Dahme: harmony vocals
Tom Scholz: background vocals, organ, lead guitar
also: bass: Billy Carmen
drums: Tom Moonan
"The system's in distress, we feel the consequence" power chords by Anthony. The air raid siren is not a synth: it's a modified Hammond B3

7. Cryin'
Written by Anthony Cosmo

Fran Cosmo: vocals
Anthony Cosmo: acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar
Tom Scholz: lead guitar, keyboards
also: bass: Billy Carmen
percussion loop: Frank Talarico
keyboards: Sean Tierney
Fran sings from the heart, as always

8. Didn't Mean to Fall in Love
Written by Tom Scholz, Curly Smith, Janet Minto

Brad Delp: vocals
Tom Scholz: guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, background vocals
"Once you fall, you're swept away"

9. You Gave Up on Love
Written by Tom Scholz

Kimberley Dahme: vocals
Tom Scholz: vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass, drums
special guest: Charlie Farren, vocals
also: vocals, flute: Beth Cohen
written for everyone who didn't want to give up

10. Livin' For You
Written by Tom Scholz

Fran Cosmo: lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Brad Delp: harmony vocals
Tom Scholz: lead guitar, keyboards
Gary Pihl: keyboards
A live version, for those who missed the studio version from "Walk On"

Digital Transfers & Editing:
Bill Ryan at R.M.I.
Adrian Hernandez at Clear Perceptions
also, Matt Knobel, Carl Nappa, Dan Chase, Steve Churchyard, Gary Pihl and Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering

Mastered by: Toby Mountain at Northeastern Digital Recording.

Cover Artist: Darryl Hirschler (front)
Darvin Atkeson (back)
Photos: Ron Pownall
Designer: Alisa Andreola
Image Editing: Gary Pihl, Kathy Murray
Art Direction: Tom Scholz

"With You" live studio session engineered by Dietmar Schmidt at 21st Floor Productions in Berlin. "Cryin'" and "Turn it Off" drum tracks engineered by Bob Acquaviva at AcqRok Studios in Utica.

Special Thanks to:
Danny Goldberg and Daniel Glass at Artemis for granting me artistic freedom
Irving Azoff and John Baruck for believing in this project
Jeff Smith, Steve Simon and Jim Collins for keeping the music business away from the musicians
Bill Ryan, digital surgeon, for sitting with me for days in a studio the size of a closet, changing arrangements till we both went mad
Ulf Gruber for overcoming every conceivable obstacle retrieving the original "With You" tracks
Dow Brain, Gary Pihl, Bill Ryan for their studio technical support
Helen Barrington and Earl Katz for research and help with "Corporate America" broadcast voice topics
All Boston fans everywhere, especially Troy Bartlett & Becky Asbury and all our friends at BOSTON.ORG for keeping the flame alive.

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