Demos and Alternate Recordings
Mother's Milk/Early Boston Demos

This is an early version of Don't Be Afraid.

Shattered Images

Often referred to as "Help Me" or "Help Me to Forget", this song was recorded, but not released. It used to be performed regularly live. This version is a studio recording.

San Francisco Day (version 1)

An early version of the song that would become Hitch a Ride.

Shakin' (Mother's Milk Shake)

An early version of Smokin'.

She's a Looker/Talkin' to the Wall

This is a combination of two songs; She's a Looker and Talkin' to the Wall. It was recorded, but never released nor is it performed live.

Rock and Roll Band

An early version of Rock and Roll Band.

Life Isn't Easy

An early version of Something About You.

More Than a Feeling

Early demo of More Than a Feeling.

Don't Be Afraid of Love

Another version of Don't Be Afraid.

Peace of Mind

Demo version of Peace of Mind.

San Francisco Day (version 2)

Another version of the song that would become Hitch a Ride. This one more closely resembles Hitch a Ride.


Demo version of Foreplay.
Other Demos / Alternate Versions
Peace of Mind (45 RPM Version)

This is the 45 RPM version with a different recording of the vocals compared to the album version.

Foreplay/Fiveplay/Long Time

This is an alternate version of Foreplay/Long Time, which appeared on the promo album "It's a Knockout."

Amanda (1984 Pre-release)

2 years before Third Stage was released, the first song Amanda was leaked to radio stations, where many of them aired it. The song was modified between the time this version was leaked to the final 1986 release.


This song debuted on Rockine in January 1999. This version sounds identical to the final version on the Corporate America album.

Turn it Off

This is an early version of Turn it Off, which like Someone, debuted on Rockline in 1999.

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